Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Rachel Tear, a Rosh Hashana Poem

The Rachel Tear
(c)September 15, 2009
In Memory of Our Lost and for the Redemption this Rosh Hoshanah
by Evelyn Haies,
President Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation(RCRF)
and Bnei Rachel Corp

Mother Rachel is crying for her children
for those to be born
for those lost and in exile
for those slain and torn from the living
for those who remain outside Torah bordersf
or those whose borders are disordered

Ima Rachel is crying on ramah;
she refuses to be consoled
until she is promised
her children are settled
and secure in their homeland,
no longer to roam

Rachel Imeinu is pleading
never ceding her advocacy
for the pain to cease
the pain of barrenness
the pain of emptiness
the pain of centuries of persecution against her Jewish chilren.

Mother Rachel cries tears of love for her brave children,
tears for their dreams and their efforts,
tears for their falls and bruises
that the crimes and pain should halt
tears against theft and murder, hate and blood libels,
the rants and ravages by those defying GD.

Mother Israel, wife of Yaakov
who became Israel
is promised to know true joy,
reap the rewards of her cares and tears
that challenge fears
and affirm motherhood, creation and her Jewish nation.

May the weeping of Mother Israel
who humbled herself
to multiply Hashems' children
be tears for nourishment and encouragement
tears for teshuva and a homecoming
to fulfill the prophecy,
v'shavu banim l'gvulum.

As we read the Haftorah of Yirmiahu this Rosh Hashanah,
let these holy tears blow through the shofar
as it sounds and resounds for the rebound
because of the midos of our Matriarch Rachel,
buried on the way
to keep her children on their holy derech.

L Shana Tova

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