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Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation presents Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher EVENT LOCATION (NAME, STREET, CITY AND STATE) Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation 60 west End Avenue Brooklyn NY 11235 2nd floor AUDIENCE Everyone WEBSITE ADDRESS (IF ANY) EVENT DETAILS (WHAT THEY SHOULD EXPECT) Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation celebrates Rosh Chodesh Tevet in Brooklyn with Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher of Jerusalem and in Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachel Tomb Walled Complex . Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation celebrates Rosh Chodesh Tevet in Brooklyn with Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher of Jerusalem Tuesday, December 3, 2013 8:30 pm , Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, 2nd floor, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235 The famous Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher of Mount Zion ,King David's Tomb, Jerusalem will be speaking in Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Brooklyn this 7th Evening of Chanukah Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Tevet at 8:30 PM.. The most insightful topic is "Why Moshiach failed to come after the miracle of Chanukah? " Refreshments. Solomon's Lesson for George Washington, A Revolutionary War Chanukah Story presented by RCRF Anonymous Israel Solomon was cold, but his mind was neither on the freezing winter of Valley Forge nor on tomorrow's battle. He was trying to light his Chanukah Lights without waking anyone or attracting attention. 'This could be my last Chanukah,' he thought to himself as he blew into his hands to warm them up so he could hold the match. But as the fire caught the wick he suddenly felt different; he felt strangely warm and happy. "Thanks for everything, G-d!" He thought to himself, "Thanks for everything!" A few seconds later he was laying under the silent, clear, winter Pennsylvania sky making a blessing on the four small candles flickering in his miniature Menorah. Suddenly he was brought out of his reverie; someone was standing at his feet! "What is this? What are you doing, are you mad!!! Are you a spy!!?" He looked up and lost his breath; It was the Commander of the Revolutionary forces, General Washington himself, whispering angrily at him! He sat bolt upright, not wanting to stand quickly for fear that the noise would wake someone. "No, No, General! G-d forbid!!" he whispered. He slowly rose until he stood facing the General. "I am a religious Jew. I believe in G-d and this is one of G-d's commandments. Believe me I'm not a spy. G-d forbid, General Washington, G-d forbid." The General couldn't sleep; he had been concerned with the impending battle and was walking between the rows of his sleeping soldiers when he noticed the lights. "What sort of commandment is this?" he had calmed down a bit and seemed to be almost interested. "Over two thousand years ago we Jewish people were fighting a war very similar to yours, Sir." Solomon felt himself filling with inspiration; The General was looking deeply into his eyes as though he was yearning for the answer. Solomon stood upright and looked powerfully back into Washington's eyes, "General, the Jews won that war because we fought for the truth. We fought for freedom. We were outnumbered too, even more than you are now, maybe a hundred to one, but we won because we believed in G-d, and G-d helped us." Solomon felt as though he was connected to something infinitely certain. "And you will win tomorrow also, Sir! G-d will help you just as He helped us and we will win!" The General was silent for a moment, staring, examining incredulously the face of the Jew. Finally he broke the silence and said. "You are a Jew. You are from the nation of prophets! I treat what you have said as a prophesy from G-d Himself!" The General shook Solomon's hand saluted, turned on his heel and continued his rounds. What happened the next day is now history: Washington's forces scored a telling victory over the British, which proved to be the beginning of total victory and eventually the Independence of the United States of America from England. But what is less known is that Mr. Solomon survived the war and returned to his home in Boston. One day, some two years after Valley Forge, he was sitting with his family around the dinner table when he heard a knock at his door. He rose, opened the door and was astounded to see standing there a contingent of ten very official-looking men led by none other than the first President of the United States, President George Washington himself! They entered, and the President was the first to speak. "We are here to present you with this. One of them stepped forward and took out a small expensive looking velvet box from his inside coat pocket. Mr. Solomon looked from one face to the other for some sign of what was going on. He slowly took the box, opened it and there was a gold medallion; he took it out and saw an engraved picture of a menorah inscribed with the words: 'With admiration, General George Washington' "Mr. Solomon, you don't know what you did that night at Valley Forge." The President continued. " I couldn't sleep that night because I was sure that we had no chance of winning. We lacked ammunition, we were outnumbered ten to one, and we didn't even have sufficient food or bedding. When I saw the boys lying asleep in the freezing cold under those thin blankets I made up my mind .. to surrender. But your lights and your prophecy changed all that. Mr. Solomon, if it wasn't for you and your Menorah, I don't know if we would be standing here today as free men." PostScript 5762, As the horrors of Sbarro, 5761 and Ben Yehuda 5762 and the 911 call of Twin Towers and Pentagon, let us relight the lights that fight for freedom and maintain them. Let it be by our lights and menorahs that we gather chizuk to call the enemy of the Jews the enemy who terrorizes all mankind and let us disenable that which attacks civilization and HaShem's wonderful world order of individuality and unity of all for The Promised Land where Hashem's laws are the only right and the light for all nations. Let Israel stop ignoring its mission and accept its mandate, its truncated 22% Balfour homeland and de-terrorize Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, from the Red Sea to the Golan Heights. Let the world know no more terror, Let White Houses not be blemished by the misguided and misguiding and sacrifices to evil. Let this Chanukah unite Israel and America and all freedom loving, G-d fearing people with the same common goals as the Macabbees and the Revolutionary War heroes and let goodness and freedom not be negotiated. Let the values of the Forefathers and the Founding Fathers be our model and let the faithful bring back law and order, justice, security, liberty and joy. On the back of the Dollar Bill which pictures George Washington there is a Magen David because much funding for the Revolutionary War came from Chaim Solomon. Inverted there is a menorah in honor of the influence of Israel Solomon in inspiring George Washington with the will to win by the example of the Macabbees

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Documentary: by independent producer on Rachels Tomb: Dom Kodesh, Holy Blood.

The Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation 1995 to 2013 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235,,, 718-648-2610 presented the first New York showing of the on scene documentary Dom Kodesh, Holy Blood directed and produced by Itzkak Lerner. The Documentary was first presented on July 21 2013 on Channel 10, Israel. It had wide public viewing. It tells the story of Rachel’s Tomb, Beis Lechem. It begins with the problems and ends with the lyrics, “We are Rachel’s Children” written in 1995 by Evelyn Haies, Music by Cecelia Margules. The documentary presents the hate and goes for the good to prevail. Two years in the creation; It captures the scenes, the ruach and the conflict and presents for a cure in the merit of our loving Matriarch Rachel Imeinu. It is a must see according to all who viewed it on November 2. as well as all who stopped Evelyn in the malls and stores after the july 21 showing telling her to keep fighting for the rights to the RCRF charity initial and total purchase of $600,000 of the total $900,000 of accumulates of $250, $1000, $5000, $8000, $50,000, $80,000 who were not the mssion makers but many who were together against the fired trustees who never gave the paperwork because they put the deed in their own names. The documentary is also available for your organization to preview or for a home showing by contacting RCRF, Evelyn Haies who will speak on the lessons she is learning from the shocking actions and suffering she is living with from actions of those who apologized and went for the take away and take over by not even showing in court nor listening to the police orders. There was no fee for the November 2 2013 Motsei Shabbos showing in Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235 at 8:30 pm., Light refreshments were healthy vegetables and fruits, nuts and drinks. Please arrange for your private informative showing with a discussion by the founder of RCRF and majority owner of Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel's Children formed with a partnership with Yeshiva Beit Orot. RCRF gave the full payments and AFBO Orot was obligated to register, develop and create a yishuv. Sadly, RCRF was presented as a donor or benefactor to gather the funds that AFBO was supposed to bring and the RCRF assets were used by their chosen trustees only took from RCRF and never registered the property properly thus AFBO did not fulfill its obligation. Some say there are two sides to a story. The truth is, there are facts, money trails and fraudulant registration admitted and still those off the derech are on the take doing slander, damages and illegal occupation since Benny Elon called back those ordered to cease and desist from the property, even saying he was appointed by the trustee the companies unanimously fired, worse, harassing those who have been using the RCRF majority owned property against the RCRF mission and dreams for all the jewish people, women and childre. Do not be bystanders, tell of your participation in the greatest shiurim, symposiums, simchas and art shows and what you learned by all the research ripped and ruined, replaced and destroyed again by yeshiva bullies. RCRF was steadfast in building the bayit and will not be stopped by the 2011 interplopers back from the cease and desist order and acting against propriety and will continue to be steadfast and will continue all its programs with your participation and help, making this a foundation against all corruption and bullying, intimidating, damaging, even causing a brit milah to be cancelled after police permit, an upshurin to find the RCRF chairs and tables locked away.there was even the audacity of the yeshiva aid to bring back the stolen chairs and tables while the newly donated chairs and table replacements were being used during a shiur Your donations support our work in Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachels Tomb Walled Complex and make sure no one is turned away from celebrating their Bas Mitzvah, wedding, sheva brochas, brit milah, birthday, anniversary, memorial lecture, Rosh Chodesh shiurim, hafrassat challah, amen sessions, singles meet and mingle, open mike sessions, learn sing ins and speak outs, tehillim therapy, art classes, more. On November 2 2013 a reality was views, Learn the outrageous reality of a former MK, a Rosh Yeshiva who axed out doors and walls and threatened that our museum would be a dormitory and that forced dignified rabbis to spend Rosh Hoshana in the basement while the RCRF apartments were filled with junk. Help fight bullying. Help build the Rachel midos portrayed in the documented against the unacceptable attacks with conflict and outrageous abuse in contempt of courtand police orders. The viewing was sponsored by Evelyn Haies in memory of the 30th Yahrzeit, 28 MarCheshvan of her father Samuel Solomon,a”h who taught Evelyn the highest midos and morality, the lofty missions and inspired her to act to actualize all that is for the best, to actualize her ideals into reality. The evening was a true aliyah for Shaul ben Reb Chaim Solomon and Rachel Rabinowitz Solomon daughter of the famous Zionist Shepsel Rebbe. May their midos and morality as well as the role model of the character of Rachel Imeinu continue to give Evelyn strength to fight the wrongs and make Beit Bnei Rachel more righteous and meaningful and a place that teaches living by torah so that Beni Rachel merit to return to the land of their inheritance with the ways they must inherit. Chaim Azriel and Rachel Rabinowitz Solomon daughter of HaRav Shmuel Rabinowitz

Monday, October 21, 2013

Press Release. Very Successful RCRF Dinner for Rachel Imeinu Yartzeit Commemoration

Renowned speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rietti paid tribute this week to the Jewish matriarch Rachel Imeinu at the Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation’s 19th Annual Commemoration of her yartzeit. The senior Gateways lecturer, descendant of the Sephardic leader, the BenIsh Chai, and son of the famous British actor Robert Rietti, known as ‘The Man of a Thousand Voices’ and ‘King of the Dubbers’, gave a dramatic presentation on the relationship of Rachel Imeinu to the final geula. He spoke about how SHE, who made such selfless sacrifices on behalf of her sister Leah, will be there for BneiYisroel in those final moments before the final redemption, pleading with Hashem on their behalf. The lecture was but one of the highlights at the RCRF’s Annual Gala Dinner Commemorating Rachel Imeinu’sYartzeit on the 11th of MarCheshvan 5774 at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn. The non-profit organization, which successfully lobbied the Knesset for armored buses to Rachel’s tomb on the outskirts of Bethlehem, also donated two sifreitorah to Kever Rachel, and eventually bought the building next door to the tomb, naming it BeitBnei Rachel. There it runs a Women’s Learning Center, Lecture Series, Simcha Hall, and Aliya Museum. At the fundraising dinner, which helps pay for RCRF’s activities at BeitBnei Rachel, the organization’s founder, Evelyn Haies, paid tribute to a host of honorees. Rabbi YechezkelPikus, the executive director of COJO of Flatbush, was honored with the Community Chessed Award, presented by longtime community activist Chaim Deutsch. Mitchell Shapiro, Esq, an award-winning lawyer, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation, was honored with the Rachel Imeinu Activist Award. The late Andrea Hana Haimowitz, who had been a longtime participant, and organizer of RCRF’s events at Kever Rachel, was honored posthumously for her work on behalf of the organization. Her mother, father, and brother accepted the Rachel Imeinu Memorial Recognition Award in her stead in what turned out to be a very moving ceremony. Other honorees included Mark Langfan, Esq.Chairman of AFSI , was introduced by Helen Freedman. He designed maps to present the Greater Israel necessity and legality. Stephen and Fran Epstein, a Brooklyn couple who built a Zionist Museum at Brooklyn’s Kingsway Jewish Center. The Young Leadership Award went to Esther Lamm, daughter of Russian refusniks, who is now the Director of Development at RAJE, where she is active building a strong alumni base and community for young Russian Jews. *****The Gala Buffet Dinner was capped off with a Jewish Mother’s Day Dessert Buffet, featuring an enormous Kever Rachel cake, and a very spirited kumzitz with radio host Dov Shurin, who roused the crowd with his electric guitar, singing lively songs about Rachel Imeinu, and of course, a crowd favorite, “Am Yisroel Chai”. *****Tax-deductible donations to Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation can be made to RCRF, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235. RCRF founder Evelyn Haies can be reached at Donations make sure no one is turned away from celebrating their Bas Mitzvah, wedding, sheva brachos, britmilah, birthday, anniversary, memorial lecture, Rosh Chodesh shiurim, hafrashat challah classes, amen sessions, singles meet and mingle, open mike session sing ins and speak outs, tehillim therapy, art classes, and more at BeitBnei Rachel, inside the Kever Rachel’s Tomb Walled Complex.

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Highly esteemed guests at 19th Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation Journal Dinner. Rush Ad. RSVP

RACHEL’S CHILDREN RECLAMATION FOUNDATION, 60 West End Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235 Evelyn Haies, MFA, Founder and President, 1995-2013 Bnei Rachel Corp, President, Majority Owner and Developer of Beit Bnei Rachel (718)648-2610, (212)470-0967, 054-224-2649 RCRF the organization involved in bringing a Sefer Torah to Rachel;s Tomb that got Kever Rachel open 24 hours a day, that petitioned for the only Egged bus and was instrumental in getting 8. there are now double buses and more when they are full which is the case very often and which developed a Museum of Jewish Aliyah that needs your support as well as sponsors major learning and life cycle events invites you to our 19th Annual Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu to be held on Monday evening, October 14 at 6 pm in the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, 50 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235. . Our Keynote Speaker is Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, senior lecturer for Gateways. He will speak on “Responsibility for the Final Geula” The Rachel Imeinu Actualist Awardees are a husband and wife/ Stephen and Fran Epstein who have made their dream of a Zionist Museum a reality in Kingsway Jewish Center. Rachel Imeinu Young Leadership Awardees is Esther Lamm of RAJE. Russian American Jewish Experience Mark Langfan, Chairman of AFSI, will receive The Breaking the Silence Award. Rabbi Yeshezkel Pikus Executive Director of COJO of Flatbush will be presented with the Rachel Imeinu Community Chessed Award. Rachel Imeinu Activist Award is Attorney Mitchell Shapiro who has really made a difference. Chaya Adler Poretsky will remember Andrea Hana Haimowitz obm and all giving and best friend of so many. She was involved in all aspects of RCRF activities for Beit Bnei Rachel and is sorely missed. .

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L'SHANA TOVA! "What does Rachel Imeinu have to do with Rosh Hoshanah?"

What does Rachel Imeinu have to do with Rosh Hoshanah? by Evelyn Haies, founder and president Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation and Bnei Rachel, Inc. Remember., Mother knows best and when you know she knows best, there is tranquility. Ima Rachel was buried in Beis Lechem, on the way to Hebron, Beis Lechem, The House of Bread, means sitting at the table as a family and blessing the bread together in unity. It means security, planting vineyards, redeeming Eretz Hakodesh, our homeland, ascending to Zion, true aliyah. The true aliyah includes true judgement, the recognition of the righteous and the acceptance of His wisdom. Mother knows best because she puts truths above herself. She puts her children, her roots, their future first. Mother Rachel, Mother Israel does not pretend. Survival is not a game. "Surely you will divide your bread with the hungry, and bring the moaning poor to your home." Surely there is doing, getting, caring, sharing, endearment and betterment. Mother Israel does not ignore her kin, all Rachel's children. Mother Israel teaches her kin, pleads for her children, says, no to perversion, injustice, slander and theft., says no to hate and murder, destruction and devastation. Mother Israel does not accept the unacceptable. She cries and Hashem hears. She cries and Hashem listens. She cries and will not negotiate for the sake of her children and her children's children. Her roots from the past are the foundation of the future that there will be eternity because of love, empathy and steadfastness for the sake of Hashem. Mother Rachel did the right thing, became the mother of Sisterhood, the sister who loved her sister more than herself so her children will love loving and not hating, Jealousy, me-ism, bullying, lashing and bashing are not her ways. And she demanded that her nation because of her love be a nation that loves, creates, builds, bakes, blesses and is blessed. Like Hashem. Rachel Imeinu puts her heart where her soul is so her children can inherit creation, not destruction, kindness and well being, hope and happiness, comfort and be comforting. . The Haftorah of Yirmiyahu on Rachel is read on Rosh Hoshanah to say yes to a new beginning, creation, affirmation, continuation. Mother Rachel cries for love, self effacing, all creating, meaningful love. Mother Rachel died in Beis Lechem, forever a blessing for a house of bread, love and unity. Mother Rachel is a beginning for understanding teshuva: roots, repentance, rectification, righteousness, rights, responsibility and redemption. Our Mother Rachel is a role model. Ima Rachel is a foundation for a Happy New Year. L Shana Tova. Save the date October 14, 2013, 11 MarCheshvan 5774 for the 19th RCRF Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu. see for more on RCRF and for invitation.

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You're Invited to the 19th Commemoration of the Yarhzeit of Rachel Imeinu Monday, October 14, 2013, 11 Marchesvan 5774 Please mail your Journal ads to Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation , 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235 or email Please invite guests, post and forward. Email snail mail address for official invitation Invitation for October 14 Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation 19th Annual Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu hosts an exceptional 7 awardees. Keynote Speaker is Rabbi Jonathan Rietti a senior lecturer for Gateways. He will speak on our "Responsibility for the Final Geula". Community Chessed Award Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus is executive director of COJO Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush. Young Leadership Awardee is Esther Lamm is active in the Russian division of the UJA and RAJE, Russian American Jewish Experience, Mitchell Shapiro. Esq. Rachel Imeinu Activist Awardee is a very successful lawyer and we know his actions on behalf of RCRF will be as successful as all his endeavors.. Rachel Imeinu Activists Awardees Stephen and Fran Epstein dreamed of and created the much needed Zionist Museum in Kingsway Jewish Center of Brooklyn, NY. It is also the building that houses Yeshiva Derech HaTorah. Mark Langfan, Esq known for his most important and detailed maps that tell the story for Greater Israel is the Chairman of AFSI. Mark has published numerous articles in newspapers and security journals including the Jerusalem Post, JINSA Security Affairs, PRAVDA, and Arutz Sheva. Dear Andrea Haimowitz, obm, was active in the RCRF operations in Beit Bnei Rachel, Beit Lechem Israel. She is sorely missed . Chaya Adler Poretsky the founder and former director of The Carlebach Chasidic Institute where she taught and coordinated weekly classes and special events, and spent a year in the Maharat program will open remarks and Mother Regina Feldman will accept award

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Summer 2013 events; Please email your suggestions for time slots desired

RACHELS CHILDREN RECLAMATION FOUNDATION 1995–2013 054-224-2649 Men and Women Invited to Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachel Tomb Walled Complex via Egged Bus #163 or Car REGULAR 2013 SESSIONS CONTINUE AT BEIT BNEI RACHEL RSVP: We welcome queries about a Cohain Minyan on Monday and Thursdays. Also Shabbatons Possible MONDAY MORNINGS 11am 7R's, Bystanders and Other Midos Issues; Bring the Children for Biblical Art Sessions. EVERY WEDNESDAYS IN ENGLISH Requests for Hebrew are possible 11-2 ATARA GUR, Rachel Imeinu Scholar and Author. Special Wednesday Evening, July 17, 6PM return 8:30pm Songs of Comfort and Hope with Moshe Shurin THURSDAYS supperettes- Jazz Sessions SUPPERETTES WELCOME SINGLES, COUPLES, ALL Special Thursday July 18 return 8:30pm DVD’s from the Dome of Rachel Tomb and many more Sunday July 21 Hafrasat Challah with Nurit and Yehudit in Hebrew, the actions are multi-lingual

The Nineteenth Shemonah Esrei , the nineteenth RCRFCommemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu

The Nineteenth Shemonah Esrei by Evelyn Haies, Founder and President of Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation and Bnei Rachel, Inc Save the date October 14, 2013, 11 MarCheshvan, 5754 for the RCRF 19th Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu It is said that In every korban there is a holiday. In every prayer, there is a desire for a solution, a plea for Hashem to turn Tisha B'Av which commemorates the destructions into a moed, the fulfillment of a dream. Cheshvan is called a sad month, too. Let us work to correct the problems of heretics to make the month of MarCheshvan a moed because of the "good ideology" of Rachel Imeinu, Mother Israel. . The nineteenth blessing of the Shemoneh Esrei looks at evil. By examining evil, a solution to that which has plagued and caused grief will be found As we mourn the Temple destructions on Tisha B'Av, we understand it was caused by brotherly hate. How can there be brotherly hate? How can Joseph's brothers throw him into a pit, wish his death? How? How can Yaakov's sons, the chosen of Rachel do this? How can they plague their home, their unity? Unless we recognize the plague of jealousy, we will still be mourning. Rabban Gamliel in Yavneh composed the nineteenth blessing in response to the threats of those who tried to lead the Jews astray. Political power was used to slander, oppress and take what isn't theirs. This blessing against heretics is added to alert the people of the "me-ism" and the bullying of the we's, the brothers against Joseph, the majority against someone so proud of his Judaism, his connection to Hashem, his love of his father Yaakov and the reciprocity of the father for this dedicated, loyal, loving son who chose the higher ways of midos, morality, mission. From recognizing the sin of the brothers, the jealous, the envious, the wanting and takers, the lights of the Jewish nation will bring an aliyah. This nineteenth blessing is read between the blessing for the Restoration of Justice and for The Righteous Recognizing the wisdom of Rabban Gamliel, crying for the return of the exiles, the pleading of Ima Rachel who put others before herself, a force against me-ism, we-ism, slander, shaming, the Jewish people will stop the plagues attacking them since the destruction . During the three weeks we are meeting with G-d; we are searching for the highest truth, His Emet. A blessing from the time of sufferings caused within our Beit Hamigdash, the Beis Knessets, our own homes, may open the eyes of all of us for each of us and fulfill the prophesy of Yirmiyahu that Ima Rachel's midos, morality, manners will be rewarded. Looking into the journey from the korbans to korbans, let the Blessing against Herectics correct the faults and those at fault and recognize their lies and highlight truth. Let us find what is lost from this nineteenth blessing as RCRF commemorates its nineteenth year.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Press Release for 3 Day Symposium July 8, 9, 10, 2013 Your presence wil honor our honorable speakers

Press Release: Dreams Come True; Good Deeds Last Forever By Evelyn Haies, Founder and President Fachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation and Beit Bnei Rachel, The House of Rachel’s Children . Detailed Info: 054-224-2649 contact This year’s Annual RCRF Three Day Symposium will begin on Rosh Chodesh Av, 8 July 2013. It will begin with the Kaplan Sefer Torah dedicated 7 years after the one celebrated on the closed street in front of Rachel’s Tomb which opened the streets for thousands daily. This success is beyond a dream. It is multiplication of our presence and our 3600 year identity with Ima Rachel, Mother Israel. In the beginning I begged the OU, RCA, Emunah, Havron Fund to visit. Now kindergardens as well as seminaries and even a few birthright tgroups are visiting.” Remember, A visit to Israel without going to Kever Rachel is like going home and not visiting your mother.“ The symposium deals with problems the Jewish Way, suffering, understanding the pain and tears and actualizing the cures with the coaching and guidance of Hashem, with stamina and emunah, with bitachon and rallying together. Monday July 8 will begin with a Torah reading with Cohanim participating as Beit Bnei Rachel is detached from the Kever and ending with a shiur by Rabbi Yisroel Shleifstein on Relationships, the program emphasizes dealing with reality to make a better reality. On Monday at 11am Rabbi DR. Naftali Moses who suffered the loss of his son Avraham David, HYD innocently studying in the library of Merkaz HaRav, of whom he was so proud. He faces the loss speaking on “ Memory and Loss. Personal Reflections on the Month of Av.” He will be signing his book, “Mourning Under Glass.” Let’s keep the memory alive with full participation. Come see the Chofets Chaim video on “Bystanders” A quest for Upstanders will be made. Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher will present on the insightful topic: “Did the Rabbi’s Humility cause the Temples’s Destruction?” At 7 PM Moshe Heifetz, Biofeedback therapist, of Dr. Lipo Clinic in Givat Shaul will speak on bringing balance and emotional health back to the nervous system. There will be a video and demonstration of the Kinor BaLev Harp within the Harp Technique. Tuesday, 9 July will begin with the regular Rosh Chodesh Shiur by the group that began with remembering Sara Blaustein HYd murdered on the way , Shavous 2001 from Kever Rachel while reading tehillim. Rabbi Dr. Joseph C.Klausner / Yedidyahu will give a most intellectual and inspirational talk, “The song of Joseph, the challenge for Judaism for Today.” At 1PM there will be a Panel Discussion including SAVE A SOUL. ACMOS System Practitioner SHMUEL KAPLAN- Testing for DNA and Nutrition Compatibility. A noted Psychiatrist and Homeopath plus RAQUEL SANCHEZ, Director Rose Institute, Founder of the Tsomet Iriyat Yerushalayim , Youths at Risk. Wednesday wil l begin RABBI YISROEL SHLEIFSTEIN Torah Presentation on the Three Weeks. At 11-1 ATARA GUR, Rachel Imeinu Scholar and Author. Involved in the Present Reflects on the Future. We ask all who knew and loved to join RCRF in Remembering HANA HAIMOWITZ obm and CHARLOTTE SAUNDERS obm. At 1:30 PM MEIRA GOLDBART, practitioner of The Journey, will advise on “The Healing Power of Forgiveness” At 2:30 PM YAAKOV GOLDBART SW University School of Law, LA "We Can Free Our Economy" At 4:pm EVELYN HAIES "THE 7 R'S FOR REDEMPTION IN THE MERIT OF RACHEL IMEINU Continuing with Hanna Yaffe with melodies of the Holocaust.A super buffet will be a 5PM SEUDA AND SINGLES SHIURIM: RABBI YISROEL SHLEIFSTEIN RELATIONSHIPS: A TORAH STUDY.. The program will end by returning via the 8:30 pm Egged Bus. As Ima Rachel cries for us Bnei Rachel, our tears and actions will make her smile again. Beit Bnei Rachel is the place to be so the 9 days shall change losses into gains, sadness into joy, wrong into right and actualize the Redemption with the help of Hashem.

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June July Events and 3 Day Symposium

Sunday, 4PM, June 30: Shloshim for our dear friend and supporter Hana Haimowitz Presentation by Atara Gur and friends Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 8-10 Symposium Go to link rcrf 5773 official invitation 3 Day Symposium July 8 9 10 2013.doc 6120K View Download Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2013 054-224- 2649 Cordially Invites you to Men and Women are Invited to Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachel Tomb Walled Complex via Egged Bus #163 or Car ANNUAL THREE DAY SYMPOSIUM AT RACHEL’S TOMB IN THE HOUSE OF RACHEL’S CHILDREN Lectures in Hebrew and English with Translations when Necessary MONDAY JULY 8, 2013 9:00 -11 RABBI YISROEL SHLEIFSTEIN SHIUR AND SEFER TORAH READING in memory of Reuvein Shlomo ben Yeshayahu a'H, the father of Lee Kaplan of Atlanta, Georgia who, with his wife Mindy, are long-time workers and supporters of Israel. 11:AM RABBI DR. NAFTALI MOSES Lecturer on Medical Ethics for Sharei Tzedak School of Nursing Author of “Mourning Under Glass” Book Signing “Memory and Loss. Personal Reflections on the Month of Av “ In Memory of Avraham David HYD, On March 6, 2008, my sixteen-year-old son was killed while studying Torah in the Mercaz HaRav library in Jerusalem. 1-3 PRESENTATION OF CHOFETZ CHAIM DVD "BYSTANDERS" Discussion "Bullying, Bystanders or Upstanders?" Panel EVELYN HAIES of RCRF , RONALD WACHTEL of Kav L'Noar and... 4:PM RABBI EPHRAIM SPRECHER, Dean of Diaspora Yeshiva and OU Lecturer Did the Rabbis’ Humility Cause the Temple’s Destruction? 7:PM MOSHE HEIFETZ Biofeedback Therapist, Dr Lipo Clinic in Givat Shaul Topic: Bringing Balance and Emotional Health Back to the Nervous System Film, Demonstration of Kinor BaLev Harp Within the Heart Technique TUESDAY July 9, 2013 9:30 -11:00 Efrat sponsored Rosh Chodesh Shiur 11-12 RABBI DR. JOSEPH C. KLAUSNER/ Yedidyahu “The Song of Joseph, the Challenge for Judaism Today”: 1PM Panel Discussion Representatives of the Save a Soul Organization: Legal choices of Psychiatric Patients for choice of place and type of treatment. ACMOS System Practitioner SHMUEL KAPLAN- Testing for DNA and Nutrition Compatibility Renowned Psychiatrist and Homeopath RAQUEL SANCHEZ, Director of the Rose Institute, Founder of the Tsomet Iriyat Yerushalayim , for Youths at Risk Torah Presentation on the Three Weeks WEDNESDAY July 10, 2013 10 AM RABBI YISROEL SHLEIFSTEIN Torah Presentation on the Three Weeks 11-1 ATARA GUR, Rachel Imeinu Scholar and Author. Remembering , Involved in the Present Reflects on the Future HANA HAIMOWITZ, obm AND CHARLOTTE SAUNDERS, obm Hanging of Plaques in their Memory on Our New "Wall of Memory" and Words of Recognition 100 nis per preliminary submission plus cost of future plaque 1:30 PM MEIRA GOLDBART, practitioner of The Journey, visual guided meditation “The Healing Power of Forgiveness” 2:30 PM YAAKOV GOLDBART former professor of law at SW University School of Law, LA "We Can Free Our Economy" 4pm EVELYN HAIES , Founder and President RCRF and Bnei Rachel Inc THE 7 R'S FOR REDEMPTION IN THE MERIT OF RACHEL iMEINU 4:30 Hanna Yaffe Lullabies Composed During the Holocaust 5:30 PM SEUDA AND SINGLES SHIURIM: RABBI YISROEL SHLEIFSTEIN: RELATIONSHIPS: A TORAH STUDY.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rosh Chodesh Nissan,Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 11 am,

Press Release: Save the Date Rosh Chodesh Nissan,Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 11 am, for a most inspiring and memorable lecture by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, the Dean of Diaspora Yeshiva, a lecturer at the OU Israel Center and a columnist for the Jewish Press "Pesach, the Original Middle East Revolution." * * * "Rosh Chodesh Nissan at Beit Bnei Rachel", Rachel Tomb Walled Complex* by Evelyn Haies, founder and president of Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation, majority owner of Beit Bnei Rachel 054-224-2649 .718-648-2610 We just learned from Atara Gur, teaching in Beit Bnei Rachel for over 9 years, that the month of Nissan is connected to the right leg that is Nissan and Passover. The right leg also is Chessed and Loving Kindness. At Beit Bnei Rachel,in Beis Lechem, the House of Bread, we are a vessel to bring down the light of Pesach. We are learning that unleavened bread brings down the level of pride and lets one go into Sivan with two legs including judgement. We know that Rachel Imeinu is remembered over 3600 years because her sister came before herself. Her Chessed and Loving Kindness and bina are a role model for today. I was sitting in the class.with my right leg impaired from shoveling water from a broken pipe for 14 hours the day before, from 2am when a loud gurgle woke me up, not an intruder as it had sounded, but the breaking of the pipe in the foyer outside my bedroom. Was I really suffering another flood after suffering Hurricane Sandy and the destruction of my basement, almost every basement and the first floor of many homes in my neighborhood where Sheepshead Bay rose over six feet, covered cars and threw them as if they were toys, where my washing machine ended up sitting on a chair and all appliances touched by the salt water were ruined plus hundred of books and the RCRF pins stating, *"A visit to Israel without going to Kever Rachel is like going home and not visiting your mother." *So much damage in a few hours and the second surge didn't even come. Right leg, pride, a misunderstood light; Atara's Wednesday 11am classes are always on target, pertinent to the drama of the day. Just as the tehillim I open, just as the living parasha, learning in Beit Bnei Rachel connects one to a higher reality unblinded by the derech of the anti-torah kind. where the false proud are the light and everyone and even reality are in their shadows Remember, Rachel was a simple shepherdess who created an eternal nation with life meriting values, a people unique having chosen God above themselves, having chosen The Revelation at Sinai for their roadmap. After leaving the class, praying in the ohel of Rachel Imeinu I was struck by a modernity unfit for this ancient place so well refurbished. Of course, the historical Montefiore door from the second room remained but was muted between tasteful panels. But there were new entrance doors. Their color was a challenge, May it not be permanent. It is a steel color and its coldness in the narrowed street, more than halved from its original size makes this feel like a jail, not a path to the heartwarning kever of Mother Israel. Everyone misses the kever blue doors. Meeting a family of friends from New York, I know it is the people and not the structure, but why not the structure to be an architecture in tune with the mood. Having been instrumental in the link of getting cars to be able to drive to Kever Rachel, I asked for ride from Kever Rachel to the old city and went to visit David's Tomb. I was struck by the same happening, removal of the old, the antique, the link to what was. Strange, as we unearth our Jewish roots , our facts about and under Eretz Hachodesh, they are modernized. Perhaps artifacts belong in a museum but Eretz Yisrael is full of travelers wishing to visit what was where it was especially if it is still there to connect with their roots and reality, their foothold. Some who would erase us call us not the real Jews;. The whitewash should not sterilize our real Jewish heart and soul. Rosh Chodesh Nissan is a major time for tehillim. Saying tehillim at Kever Rachel, crying in the zkut of Ima Rachel, will surely be heard. Remember, it is Rachel Imeinu who is promised to bring the Redemption. It's time for a revolution to save the revolution at Sinai. Rabbi Efraim Sprecher, the Dean of Diaspora Yeshiva, a lecturer at the OU Israel Center and a columnist for the Jewish Press will be lecturing on "Pesach, the Original Middle East Revolution." His lectures are full of sources, uniquely and cleverly presented and a resource for understanding current events with a guideline of Jewish thought and history. Don't miss this Lunch and Learn event. RSVP to attend, volunteer, sponsor events and simchas.

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Beis Lechem, the House of Bread, the Hebrews House of Good Midos

Beis Lechem, the House of Bread, the House of Good Midos Beis Lechem, the House of Bread, the House of Good MidosBy Evelyn Haies,Founder andPresident Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2013, Bnei Rachel Inc.Parasha Terumah,5773See for events, your bookings, contact information I just returned from the Dead Sea, an oasis of a pleasantness, a vacation from stress, spas in a heavenly landscape guarded by towering mountains, each unique in form and texture where the geraniums were redder than I have ever seen, where the pansies were of the whitest white, yellowest yellow and purplest purple. The sunset was not one painting but painting after painting of turquoise and cantaloupe reflecting off the mountains onto the sea,of rose and pink, of purple and lavender, of lavender gray whiting out onto the sea, fading into night. Stressless, I would have called it a day, but there were night events in Beit Bnei Rachel, the Rachel’s Children majority owned property in Beit Lechem. The first event I viewed as I entered from the rear of the building was on lower ground level. It was where our first Jewish occupants lived, a battalion of IDF, before the walls. It wasa class given by Hadassah. There were about forty women in a circle blessingthe fruits so abundant in Eretz Yisrael, the cakes, the water and kneading the dough. The women were Chareidi, chiloni, Sephardic, Ashkenazie, from Gilo, HarHoma, Bar Ilan, Rehavia, Bayit Vegan, Har Nof. They wore sheitels, teichals, nohead coverings, long skirts, short skirts, pants. They were united in theirprayers, blessing and blessed. It was a Hafrassat Challa ceremony. Upstairs inour Reception Center another 40 women were engaged in blessings and prayers, of kneading dough for challah for Shabbos. There were no me-s and we-s; it was us from the past, in the present, for the future. On the RCRF Sefer Torah dedicatedin memory of my grandmothers, both Rachels in 1998 on the closed undivided street in front ofRachel’s Tomb, it says, “the roots of the past are the foundation of the future.” The women were rooted in the past in the Beis Lechem of Rachel mother of Yosef Hatzaddik and Ruth, grandmother of David Ha Melech. Stressless, it was truly Beis Lechem, a house of bread,of women together, united in their Jewishness, a family of families at peace,different but more the same, the same as in the time of Naomi and Ruth, in theplace where Ima Rachel died on the way to teach her Jewish children the way. It was truly a place for the Jewish Mom, homemaker, daughter filled with ruach and emunah with much to bring home. Stressless, in prayer, preparing for Shabbos, singing,crying and being the way it is meant to be. And it was Parasha Mishpatim, Shekalim, the time of thereadings of the laws of living and giving, of crime and punishment, of good deeds and the building of His Sanctuary. And it will be Parasha Terumah this Rosh Chodesh Adar. TheTorah of the past is the Torah for the present, a living Torah to guide us for a future of goodness. The women act in the ways of the past, Jewish ways with good midos, building good from our good land with good hearts, blessing and blessed, in tune with their identity in the place Beit Lechem, the House of Bread., the house of our roots. The singing and kneading were overwhelming. As they are blessed, may we be blessed. As "they shall take for Me a donation", as they take home their dough, the terumah,their hearts filled with love, having and giving, remember, Rachel’s Tomb is in Beis Lechem, the birthplace of Benyamin in Israel, the name of the place since ancient times, the name of the place connected to Moshiach for good living and life, for Jewish affirmation and actualization of true Torah midos. Upcoming events/ Sunday, February 10. Kumzits, open mike, Tuesday, February 12. Efrat Rosh Chodesh Shiur. Wednesday, February 13 Atar Gur, Rochel Imeinu Scholar. Thursday: February 14 evening Shiur.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A very meaningful and well attended Tu Bshevat Melava Malka Parasha Beshalach at Beit Bnei Rachel

Tu Bshevat Melava Malka Parasha Beshalach at Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachel Tomb Complex Sponsored by Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2013 By Evelyn Haies, President and Founder RCRF and Bnei Rachel Inc. Adults and children enjoy a Tu BShevat seuda, the New Year of the trees in Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel’s Children in Beit Lechem, the town of the House of Bread, the town of the loving Mothers of Israel, Rachel Imeinu, mother of Yosef HaTzaddik and Benyamin and Ruth, ancestor of David HaMelech. Evelyn spoke of the 7rs of Rachel Imeinu more important than the 3 rs for developing the true affirmative Jew In the their holy land willed to the people, us, by Hashem. Roots recognized is what makes for a strong plant and a strong affirmative Jew acknowledging such righteous roots as Rachel and Ruth, both role models for the whole world. Remembering our roots is reaffirming us, the people rooted in the land deeded to them, named for their forefathers in their holy place. Remembering our ancestors, the role models help us rectify our neshamas and raise our level of midos. As we rectify our ways according to the respected ways of the imaot and avot, we choose righteousness. The righteous merit rights. With rights there is responsibility. Rachel Imeinu is remembered 3600 years for sacrifcing for her sister Leah. The self effacement of the righteous means it’s not about me nor we (groups) but us, all the children of Rachel, Klal Yisrael. With strong righteous roots and unity there are the ingredients for Redemption. The New Year of the Trees reflects the road from seeds, essence, fertilization, unity and renewal . We made a Shekayanu on the new fruit and blessed so many species of fruits from the land of Eretz HaChodesh, the land to which we marched on the way from Egypt with cymbals and pride. At the place where Rachel Imeinu was buried “on the way” the adults and children affirmed our way with blessings, learning and inspirational shira. We learned that there are so many individual fruits, some with hard inedible shells like walnuts and almonds, some with hard inedible pits like olives and prunes, some with no shells like strawberries and figs. Many are with tough skins like pomegranates, oranges and apples. Special fruits like the esrog were enjoyed but not a new fruit because they were just blessed on Succos. Rabbi Doctor Shmuel HaCohen emphasized how our attachment to the land, farming and raising sheep, was a validation of our exodus and freedom He appealed for aliyah and more attachment to the life of shepherding, nurturing, developing and protecting. Dov Shurin of radio fame entertained with his songs about Tu BShevat, Beshalach, songs of Rachel and our Charming Nation. As the news extends itself over recent riots denying Mother Rachel and claiming our assets, consider that the adults and children were at peace with themselves, their land and the future of Klal Yisrael. We are rooted, remember, rectify, choose righteousness and merit our rights with responsibility to redeem and be a light unto nations. Remember, we come from Rachel who sacrificed and Yosef who provided for the whole world. It is when we forget, know not Yosef and our great, that uprooting our rootsis attempted. Remember and let us know the Redemption. It is the New Year of the Trees, rebirth and regeneration. It is not about Me and WE ; it is about all of us, unique like each of the fruits we blessed, like each of the tribes, one nation of Hashem to cultivate His ways and His land for eternity. Because of popular demand, we are planning a Supperette with learning and music for February 14 and Purim. Yes, a great Jewish nation came from Beis Lechem, the burial place of Rachel Imeinu mother of Yosef , the birthplace of David HaMelech descendant of Ruth and Boaz.

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January and February 2013 classes

Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation 5755-5773 718 648 2610 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235 Evelyn 054-224-2649 Rachel 054-207-6300 *************************************************************** EVENTS. MORE and YOUR BOOKINGS for your lectures and YOUR SIMCHAS **************************************************************** *****Sundays ***** 7:30-8:30 Rachel Shurin or Nurit Bank <b>*****Mondays***** 7:30 PM Ophra and Bonog Parsha HaShavua Men and Women 050 822 7496 *****Tuesdays***** Efrat Group 9:30 am. Monthly Rosh Chodesh just hosted Rabbi Moshe Tendler *****Wednesdays weekly****** 11am English Atara Gur Reeception Center front entrance 8pm Hebrew Yaela Elisheva Gabbai "A Woman to Her Sisters" small hall back entrance. 052 332 8742 *****Thursdays Weekly***** 8PM Hebrew Hafrassat Challah with Yehudit Netanieland Nurit Big Hall; 050 764 4866/0548440048 Large Hall Women Hafrassat Challah Monthly small hall with Hadassah Trobelsi 050 738 5070

January 26 2013, Tu Bhevat Melava Malkah at Beit Bnei Rachel

Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation 5755-5773 Shabbos, January 26 2013 7PM. ..........Buses will leave the Kings Hotel. RSVP 60nis pp., includes transportation. 70 nis on the bus. singles and couples invited. Details: Evelyn Haies 054-224-2649.......... As we celebrated our first RCRF wedding in Beit Bnei Rachel on January 2, 2013 and I am attending a wedding blessed to be and is by our AMEN ceremony on the eighth night of Chanukah, 5773 in Beit Bnei Rachel which hosted about 80 women, let this be our lucky evening. As Tu BShvat is the New Year of the Trees; let this be a "New Year for our Old Israel" reestablishing the midos of Ima Rachel , buried "on the way" to teach us her self sacrificing ways.that are promised to be rewarded. Let this year bring a better year for current families and let us plant new ones. Join us in the renewal process. Remarks by Evelyn Haies, founder and president of Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2013 and Bnei Rachel Corp, 2001 on "The 7 R's of Rachel Imeinu" Roots, Remembrance, Rectification, Righteousness, Rights, Responsibility, Redemption. Oh yes, and we will hear the DVD recording by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, the Keynote Speaker and Actualist Awardee at our 18th Annual Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu October 28, 2012, 11 MarCheshvan the evening before Hurricane Sandy on another R "Relationships." Let this New Year of the Trees be a Renewal and redemption for our relationship with Hashem, Eretz HaKodesh, our family and soulmate. Come join us saying yes for all the best including the fruit of Eretz Yisrael. ................................... If you can't come, your donations will actualize our Ima Rachel dreams and the Redemtion promised. Mail donations to RCRF, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235........... Drop off for RCRF Tu BShevat reservations made payable for expenses to Evelyn Haies Lev Yerushalyim 18 King George St #104. . .