Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5771 Yahrzeit Message from President Evelyn Haies

A Message From the President, Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation
and Bnei Rachel Corp,
Owner of Beit Bnei Rachel and Majority Owner of adjoining properties within the Rachel Tomb Walled Complex
11 MarCheshvan 5771
Evelyn Haies


The Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu is on the eleventh of MarCheshvan which usually falls in Parsha Lech Lecha. In Parasha Lech Lecha, we go from the fall of Adam, the murder of Abel, the flood, the fall of the Tower of Babel, the destruction of Sodom and Gemorah. We change direction and make an aliyah away from the evil society with Avram who became Avraham, Sarai who became Sarah. Abraham goes from Shem to Elon Moreh, Beit El, Mamre which is Hebron. He begins a new derech. He chooses monotheism and the ways of The Creator, creation and not destruction. The Jewish people stop wandering and begin to settle and live according to the “good ideology”, Hashem’s Roadmap.
Some call MarCheshvan a sad month. How can it be sad when the Jewish people chose good over evil, to defeat the King of Cheshbon and to say no to cheshbonot. They gave up materialism for a life filled with midos. Avraham became the father of Hachnosat Orchim. Yitzchak became the wiser when he heard the voice of G-d and was strong in not re-negotiating a broken pact with the Plishtines who wanted Eretz Hachodesh, Yaakov fathered the twelve tribes and kept the ways of the Jews even in his diasporas.
Rachel Imeinu gave birth to Benyamin and completed the twelve tribes and the Nation of Israel. Rachel named him Ben Oni, the son of her sorrow, sadly dying at childbirth at just 36. But such was not acceptable for Yisrael, He named him the son of the right, Benyamin. And, he was a true son of his righteous mother, Rachel.
Because of the choices of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, the Jewish people have been given a derech, a pathway for righteousness.
As Lech Lecha falls in Cheshvan it really is a call to go away from evil and choose goodness. It is a month to begin the good life. Bereishit is the story of creation of the world. Lech Lecha is the story of creation of aliyah to the “good ideology.” In Lech Lecha, Avraham says no to evil and builds the foundation for civilization. Rachel say no to herself, thinking of the future. Because she put herself after her sister, she is the Mother of Sisterhood. Because she pleaded for children and cries for their well being, she is Mother Israel.
Derech Eretz is the lesson learned in Lech Lecha. Derech Eretz denies the philosophy of me and materialism, denies the bad deeds of lies, theft and murder. It chooses midos and that is what matters. Derech Eretz seeks to make the world a better place with Torah borders. If we all act with Derech Eretz, there will be no selfishness, slander, shame, strife, suffering.
We call the name of the road in front of Beit Bnei Rachel, the majority RCRF Jewish owned property, Derech Chaya Rachel. Rachel Imeinu was buried “on the way” to keep all her children on the derech. Let us choose the good derech and know only betterment and a life of Torah truth.

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