Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rachel Imeinu Tehillim Therapy #46 - Inquire to particpate in workshops.

Tehillim Therapy #46
"Hashem is our Coach and our Koach”
by Evelyn Haies
(c)February 23, 2011
We live in a time of trouble, upheaval in our lives and our world
Mountains are weeping tears of hot lava and trees are uprooted and sucked into the sea.
The earth is scorched by lack of rain and forests are burned
Land is washed away in tsunamis and hurricanes,
Cities fall into cracks as the earth quakes, shaken and broken, burying that which it bore,
Rivers rise and cover the ground as high as rooftops
washing away all as they break higher than waves
and many do not escape
the reminders of the times of Noah, mis-guidings and evil doings

We live in a world of trouble, revolutions rage outlandishly in the streets against the outrageous
Evil empires are collapsing even with evil in the chants .
Dictators are banished by the masses they harassed.
Government buildings are fire bombed and chopped just as they chiseled at the Tomb of Joseph.
Hate the Jews, the scapegoat, is the mantra; but the hate is from deprivation
and the jealousy of the Jews
who express kindness and love,
the midos of Avraham and Rachel.

G-d is in the middle of the lashings and bashings,
the ravages of nature and mankind,
the savagery of misfits, the me-its, the made-offs.
The glory is of the Most High
as the world is swooning in the whirlwinds of doom.
He acted to create The Beginning
and now unleashes a painful Re-Awakening

G-d is Our Maker,
the Maker of disasters and desolation,
the Maker of war and peace
He is the Power to shield the earth and mankind
As we remember the givers -
Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov
Sarah, Rivka, Leah and Rachel,
Yosef and Moshe Rabbeinu
As we see the punishments of the fakers, takers, hackers, pirates,
Conquistadors, Crusaders, Inquisitors, Nazis, Jihadists,
a new day is dawning out of the turmoil on the ground and the human poundings and pounded.

Lashings and Bashing are everywhere like cycles of devil-potions, dissolutions;
and then there is silence, re-growth, solution:
appreciation that hate is not the answer,
never was in tune with civilization, the Loving Kind.
Can you hear the exulted music of the Alamos?
He has turned war into peace, swords into plowshares, bombs into blossoms
and there is rejoicing like Purim and nurturing like in the BaMidbar
and He is exalted among all nations.

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