Thursday, February 2, 2012

Press Release February 1.

Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation is Stopping Ima Rachel's tears with Torah Learning and Simcha
by Evelyn Haies, Founder and President of RCRF and Bnei Rachel Corp
February 1.2012

On a rainy day when so many events were cancelled and so many of our reservations were cancelled, a large crowd filled the Reception Center at Beit Bnei Rachel in Beis Lechem, Jerusalem in the Rachel Tomb Walled Compex. The regular Wednesday Tea and Torah morning classes had about twenty people. Atara Gur, our Rachel Imeinu Scholar for eight years
and author educated the women on "Rachel's Tomb and Jewish Law".
The guests for the Winter Learning series of the day arrived by 11am Egged 163 bus, car and taxi. Many stayed from the earlier session and the room became quite full. The weather did not hinder those supporting the work of RCRF for Bnei Rachel and Klal Yisrael.
Rabbi Shimshon Nadel gave a very informative talk on "The Weeping of Rachel and her Children." Did you know that it was Yosef and Binyamin who cried and not the brothers when the family was reunited. Sensitivity was one of the attributes of Rachel and her children.
The healthy lunch buffet which included soup, quiches, salads and homemade cakes was prepared by Rochelle Eisenstat, Lori Vera, Hana Haimovitz and Evelyn Haies.
The Biblical Art Exhibit was of the highest museum quality. Malla Carl's works were
displayed in the panels around the room. The exquisite rendition of King Solomon and the fine calligraphy are some of the displays. A slide show included some museum pieces. Artwork will remain for viewing and purchase by appointment.
Reservations for our next supperette with Rabbi Mendel Kessin are already being made. He will be speaking on Tuesday, February 14
at 4PM via Egged Bus #163 leaving across from the Jerusalem Central station on Jaffa Road at 3pm .The topic is "Rachel Imeinu and Purim, the Hidden Relationship".
HaRav Mayer Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe of Har Nof will speaking on Thursday, February 23.. The topic is
"We can Never Anticipate Redemption."
On March 6 we are planning a Book Launching.
Our events are scheduled throughout the year and are listed on our blogspot, www, Contact RCRF by email or phone 054-224-2649. Book you simchas in our lovely Reception Center.
"Remember, A visit to Israel without going to Kever Rachel is like going home without visiting your mother."

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