Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“An Inquiry: Why Does Rachel Cry For Her Children?” presented by: David Bedein

“An Inquiry: Why Does Rachel Cry For Her Children?” presented by: David Bedein May 8, 2012 at 6pm via 5pm Egged Bus #163 at Beit Bnei Rachel Rachel Tomb Walled complex


  1. I wrote a good comment for you about 15 minutes ago. HOWEVER, when I entered for PREVIEW, the blogger ATE the comment. I am very, very busy here in Manhattan with health and mental health care and treatment concerns both locally and at the United Nations [WHO, UNICEF, UNDPI, and so on]. So, I have little time for a poorly designed and working BLOGGER. Can you do better?? I hope so!!
    Always yours,
    Dr. Elyas F. Isaacs, Ph.D.
    President: The Frances York Charitable Trust Endowment
    Member: United Nations NGO Committee for Mental Health, NGO Committee for Health

  2. My prior comment spoke about New York City's Israeli Day Parade on 5772 Gimel Yod Sivan, our lovely afternoon sharing at the after parade concert, and your concerns regarding the Rachel's Tomb project and Rachel's Children Reclamation work as well as the chairs for Israel effort. I am sorry it was "EATEN" by the BLOGGER. Check with GOOGLE; I don't know why it failed like that!!
    Dr. Elyas F. Isaacs, Ph.D.
    Member: New York Academy of Sciences(Math & Computers, ....)
    and more .....

  3. HELLO, Evelyn. My wee, little community foundation is and was collecting "gently used" clothing. I know you mentioned being hassled by folks stealing tables, chairs, artwork, hooks .... to help I hope to send to you in Israel three big bags, probably reorganized into shipping cartons, of the "gently used" clothes. BARRICADE your center. If you make a HUGE wall of "gently used" clothes, "they" will need to find you before they can even think to steal tables and chairs and whatever. OR, maybe someone will even wish to wear some of the clothes.
    And for the far future, recalling what you said about stolen art gallery property, I, as the famous New York Academy of Sciences scientist that I AM, will bring my art project, "SUSTAINABILITY and the ART of REHABITATION", to you in ISRAEL and show those thieves they cannot steal everything without me and my "mathematical" art to deal with!!! L'chaim for Persimmon Juice!!
    Your friend, Dr. ELYAS F. ISAACS in Manhattan, New York, USA

  4. O, if you are trying to locate ME on the Columbia University Food Sustainability Project BLOG, go to Monday, September 19, at the Saturday -- Day of Action against Fracking -- Moving Planet NYC Rally. Follow to the end at "Check us out on Facebook and Twitter and remember to RSVP for the Facebook event!" and click through after Kristina at {number} comments. Mazel tov!!
    From: Elyas

  5. This is a curious problem. I have an Orthodox worshiping person who is a citizen of the USA. This person has faced life long and life threatening harassments, intimidations, and abuses due to birth proximate to the Sisters of Mercy USA Headquarters [re: Mercy Healthcare System] as well as the St. Joseph's College touchstone of the St. Joseph's Healthcare System. While asking for political asylum by a USA citizen from Israel is not correct, is there any legal foundation or precedent for requesting RELIGIOUS ASYLUM granted by the State of Israel to an Orthodox Jewish worshipping individual exposed to life long terror -- documented -- by Roman Catholic sources? Any help on this is importantly needed. Thank you. Dr. Elyas Fraenkel Isaacs, Ph.D.