Sunday, January 27, 2013

A very meaningful and well attended Tu Bshevat Melava Malka Parasha Beshalach at Beit Bnei Rachel

Tu Bshevat Melava Malka Parasha Beshalach at Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachel Tomb Complex Sponsored by Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2013 By Evelyn Haies, President and Founder RCRF and Bnei Rachel Inc. Adults and children enjoy a Tu BShevat seuda, the New Year of the trees in Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel’s Children in Beit Lechem, the town of the House of Bread, the town of the loving Mothers of Israel, Rachel Imeinu, mother of Yosef HaTzaddik and Benyamin and Ruth, ancestor of David HaMelech. Evelyn spoke of the 7rs of Rachel Imeinu more important than the 3 rs for developing the true affirmative Jew In the their holy land willed to the people, us, by Hashem. Roots recognized is what makes for a strong plant and a strong affirmative Jew acknowledging such righteous roots as Rachel and Ruth, both role models for the whole world. Remembering our roots is reaffirming us, the people rooted in the land deeded to them, named for their forefathers in their holy place. Remembering our ancestors, the role models help us rectify our neshamas and raise our level of midos. As we rectify our ways according to the respected ways of the imaot and avot, we choose righteousness. The righteous merit rights. With rights there is responsibility. Rachel Imeinu is remembered 3600 years for sacrifcing for her sister Leah. The self effacement of the righteous means it’s not about me nor we (groups) but us, all the children of Rachel, Klal Yisrael. With strong righteous roots and unity there are the ingredients for Redemption. The New Year of the Trees reflects the road from seeds, essence, fertilization, unity and renewal . We made a Shekayanu on the new fruit and blessed so many species of fruits from the land of Eretz HaChodesh, the land to which we marched on the way from Egypt with cymbals and pride. At the place where Rachel Imeinu was buried “on the way” the adults and children affirmed our way with blessings, learning and inspirational shira. We learned that there are so many individual fruits, some with hard inedible shells like walnuts and almonds, some with hard inedible pits like olives and prunes, some with no shells like strawberries and figs. Many are with tough skins like pomegranates, oranges and apples. Special fruits like the esrog were enjoyed but not a new fruit because they were just blessed on Succos. Rabbi Doctor Shmuel HaCohen emphasized how our attachment to the land, farming and raising sheep, was a validation of our exodus and freedom He appealed for aliyah and more attachment to the life of shepherding, nurturing, developing and protecting. Dov Shurin of radio fame entertained with his songs about Tu BShevat, Beshalach, songs of Rachel and our Charming Nation. As the news extends itself over recent riots denying Mother Rachel and claiming our assets, consider that the adults and children were at peace with themselves, their land and the future of Klal Yisrael. We are rooted, remember, rectify, choose righteousness and merit our rights with responsibility to redeem and be a light unto nations. Remember, we come from Rachel who sacrificed and Yosef who provided for the whole world. It is when we forget, know not Yosef and our great, that uprooting our rootsis attempted. Remember and let us know the Redemption. It is the New Year of the Trees, rebirth and regeneration. It is not about Me and WE ; it is about all of us, unique like each of the fruits we blessed, like each of the tribes, one nation of Hashem to cultivate His ways and His land for eternity. Because of popular demand, we are planning a Supperette with learning and music for February 14 and Purim. Yes, a great Jewish nation came from Beis Lechem, the burial place of Rachel Imeinu mother of Yosef , the birthplace of David HaMelech descendant of Ruth and Boaz.

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