Monday, September 2, 2013

L'SHANA TOVA! "What does Rachel Imeinu have to do with Rosh Hoshanah?"

What does Rachel Imeinu have to do with Rosh Hoshanah? by Evelyn Haies, founder and president Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation and Bnei Rachel, Inc. Remember., Mother knows best and when you know she knows best, there is tranquility. Ima Rachel was buried in Beis Lechem, on the way to Hebron, Beis Lechem, The House of Bread, means sitting at the table as a family and blessing the bread together in unity. It means security, planting vineyards, redeeming Eretz Hakodesh, our homeland, ascending to Zion, true aliyah. The true aliyah includes true judgement, the recognition of the righteous and the acceptance of His wisdom. Mother knows best because she puts truths above herself. She puts her children, her roots, their future first. Mother Rachel, Mother Israel does not pretend. Survival is not a game. "Surely you will divide your bread with the hungry, and bring the moaning poor to your home." Surely there is doing, getting, caring, sharing, endearment and betterment. Mother Israel does not ignore her kin, all Rachel's children. Mother Israel teaches her kin, pleads for her children, says, no to perversion, injustice, slander and theft., says no to hate and murder, destruction and devastation. Mother Israel does not accept the unacceptable. She cries and Hashem hears. She cries and Hashem listens. She cries and will not negotiate for the sake of her children and her children's children. Her roots from the past are the foundation of the future that there will be eternity because of love, empathy and steadfastness for the sake of Hashem. Mother Rachel did the right thing, became the mother of Sisterhood, the sister who loved her sister more than herself so her children will love loving and not hating, Jealousy, me-ism, bullying, lashing and bashing are not her ways. And she demanded that her nation because of her love be a nation that loves, creates, builds, bakes, blesses and is blessed. Like Hashem. Rachel Imeinu puts her heart where her soul is so her children can inherit creation, not destruction, kindness and well being, hope and happiness, comfort and be comforting. . The Haftorah of Yirmiyahu on Rachel is read on Rosh Hoshanah to say yes to a new beginning, creation, affirmation, continuation. Mother Rachel cries for love, self effacing, all creating, meaningful love. Mother Rachel died in Beis Lechem, forever a blessing for a house of bread, love and unity. Mother Rachel is a beginning for understanding teshuva: roots, repentance, rectification, righteousness, rights, responsibility and redemption. Our Mother Rachel is a role model. Ima Rachel is a foundation for a Happy New Year. L Shana Tova. Save the date October 14, 2013, 11 MarCheshvan 5774 for the 19th RCRF Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu. see for more on RCRF and for invitation.

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