Tuesday, July 24, 2012


RACHELS CHILDREN RECLAMATION FOUNDATION 1995 – 2012 rachelschildren@gmail.com 054-224-2649 www.theracheltear.blogspot.com Men and Women Invited to Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachel Tomb Walled Complex via Egged Bus #163 or Car REGULAR SUMMER 2012 SESSIONS AT BEIT BNEI RACHEL MOVING FORWARD WITH TORAH, SHIURIM AND SHIRA FOR "DERECH ERETZ" IN THE MERIT OF RACHEL IMEINU RSVP: We welcome queries about a Cohain Minyan on Monday and Thursdays. Also Shabbatons Possible MONDAYS WITH ADASSA IN HEBREW FOR WOMEN ONLY 10AM WEDNESDAYS IN ENGLISH 11-2 ATARA GUR, Rachel Imeinu Scholar and Author. THURSDAYS in ENGLISH 10am RABBI SHIMSHON NADEL Lecture Series 11am YEHIEL YISRAEL, MFT Clinical Social Psychologist "TEHILLIM THERAPY" 12 NOON CHANA YAFFE inspiring stories of the Great Chasidic Masters 7-10PM DOV SHURIN and his famous Biblical Lyrics on Guitar OPEN MIKE; WINE AND CHEESE SUPPERETTE SPECIAL SUPPERETTES, AND SCHEDULING MORE, SHABBATONS, SIMCHAS WEDNESDAY July 25 6PM: RABBI EFRAIM SPRECHER "Did A Rabbi’s “Humility” Destroy the Holy Temple?” THURSDAY, August 2 4PM: HARAV MAYER HOROWITZ, THE BOSTONER REBBE “Renewal After Completion- How to Praise the Siyum HaShas and its Effect on Us” TUESDAY AUGUST 7, 6PM –Supperette, THURSDAY, August 9 4PM: RABBI DR. JOSEPH KLAUSNER, YEDIDYAHU “The Biblical Tradition of Consolation: Nechama for Rachel is a Metaphor and imperative for the Jewish People” Dedicated in honor of Yehonatan and Esther Pollard SUNDAY AUGUST 12, RESERVED THURSDAY, August 16 4PM: RABBI HANOCH TELLER “How to Have a Good Fight.” SUNDAY, August 19, 2012 Rosh Chodesh Elul *THURSDAY, August 23: SUNDAY, August 26: CONTINUOUS WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS, 4-6PM GIRLS CLUB “MIDOS TOVOT” RCRF is a 501c3. All donation are for our holy work for Kever Rachel which houses our Sefer Torah dedicated in 1998 and from then on opening Kever Rachel for 24 hours and our Shir HaShirim dedicated in 2003 and the beginning of 7 buses to Rachel's Tomb. Our second Sefer Torah was dedicated in 2005 for Beit Bnei Rachel and got the 10am bus. In cooperation with HaRav Menachem Porush we now have cars driving to Kever Rachel. Your attendance at our events, donations and volunteer work will make this a Center of Derech Eretz in the merit of the midos of Rachel Imeinu. Our dreams are a Medreshet Chaya Rachel and Ruth, a Museum of Jewish Aliya which hosts the Biblical Art of Malla Carl, a Biblical Garden and Chupah in our large backyard. Our events in Beit Bnei Rachelhost world renown speakers. Please save the date October 28 for our 18th Anuual Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu in Brooklyn NY. We are accepting ads. Details to follow. Send donations to RCRF, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235.

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