Monday, November 4, 2013

Documentary: by independent producer on Rachels Tomb: Dom Kodesh, Holy Blood.

The Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation 1995 to 2013 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235,,, 718-648-2610 presented the first New York showing of the on scene documentary Dom Kodesh, Holy Blood directed and produced by Itzkak Lerner. The Documentary was first presented on July 21 2013 on Channel 10, Israel. It had wide public viewing. It tells the story of Rachel’s Tomb, Beis Lechem. It begins with the problems and ends with the lyrics, “We are Rachel’s Children” written in 1995 by Evelyn Haies, Music by Cecelia Margules. The documentary presents the hate and goes for the good to prevail. Two years in the creation; It captures the scenes, the ruach and the conflict and presents for a cure in the merit of our loving Matriarch Rachel Imeinu. It is a must see according to all who viewed it on November 2. as well as all who stopped Evelyn in the malls and stores after the july 21 showing telling her to keep fighting for the rights to the RCRF charity initial and total purchase of $600,000 of the total $900,000 of accumulates of $250, $1000, $5000, $8000, $50,000, $80,000 who were not the mssion makers but many who were together against the fired trustees who never gave the paperwork because they put the deed in their own names. The documentary is also available for your organization to preview or for a home showing by contacting RCRF, Evelyn Haies who will speak on the lessons she is learning from the shocking actions and suffering she is living with from actions of those who apologized and went for the take away and take over by not even showing in court nor listening to the police orders. There was no fee for the November 2 2013 Motsei Shabbos showing in Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235 at 8:30 pm., Light refreshments were healthy vegetables and fruits, nuts and drinks. Please arrange for your private informative showing with a discussion by the founder of RCRF and majority owner of Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel's Children formed with a partnership with Yeshiva Beit Orot. RCRF gave the full payments and AFBO Orot was obligated to register, develop and create a yishuv. Sadly, RCRF was presented as a donor or benefactor to gather the funds that AFBO was supposed to bring and the RCRF assets were used by their chosen trustees only took from RCRF and never registered the property properly thus AFBO did not fulfill its obligation. Some say there are two sides to a story. The truth is, there are facts, money trails and fraudulant registration admitted and still those off the derech are on the take doing slander, damages and illegal occupation since Benny Elon called back those ordered to cease and desist from the property, even saying he was appointed by the trustee the companies unanimously fired, worse, harassing those who have been using the RCRF majority owned property against the RCRF mission and dreams for all the jewish people, women and childre. Do not be bystanders, tell of your participation in the greatest shiurim, symposiums, simchas and art shows and what you learned by all the research ripped and ruined, replaced and destroyed again by yeshiva bullies. RCRF was steadfast in building the bayit and will not be stopped by the 2011 interplopers back from the cease and desist order and acting against propriety and will continue to be steadfast and will continue all its programs with your participation and help, making this a foundation against all corruption and bullying, intimidating, damaging, even causing a brit milah to be cancelled after police permit, an upshurin to find the RCRF chairs and tables locked away.there was even the audacity of the yeshiva aid to bring back the stolen chairs and tables while the newly donated chairs and table replacements were being used during a shiur Your donations support our work in Beit Bnei Rachel, Rachels Tomb Walled Complex and make sure no one is turned away from celebrating their Bas Mitzvah, wedding, sheva brochas, brit milah, birthday, anniversary, memorial lecture, Rosh Chodesh shiurim, hafrassat challah, amen sessions, singles meet and mingle, open mike sessions, learn sing ins and speak outs, tehillim therapy, art classes, more. On November 2 2013 a reality was views, Learn the outrageous reality of a former MK, a Rosh Yeshiva who axed out doors and walls and threatened that our museum would be a dormitory and that forced dignified rabbis to spend Rosh Hoshana in the basement while the RCRF apartments were filled with junk. Help fight bullying. Help build the Rachel midos portrayed in the documented against the unacceptable attacks with conflict and outrageous abuse in contempt of courtand police orders. The viewing was sponsored by Evelyn Haies in memory of the 30th Yahrzeit, 28 MarCheshvan of her father Samuel Solomon,a”h who taught Evelyn the highest midos and morality, the lofty missions and inspired her to act to actualize all that is for the best, to actualize her ideals into reality. The evening was a true aliyah for Shaul ben Reb Chaim Solomon and Rachel Rabinowitz Solomon daughter of the famous Zionist Shepsel Rebbe. May their midos and morality as well as the role model of the character of Rachel Imeinu continue to give Evelyn strength to fight the wrongs and make Beit Bnei Rachel more righteous and meaningful and a place that teaches living by torah so that Beni Rachel merit to return to the land of their inheritance with the ways they must inherit. Chaim Azriel and Rachel Rabinowitz Solomon daughter of HaRav Shmuel Rabinowitz

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